Date: 2012-12-19 09:33 pm (UTC)
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Kaylee isn't particularly prone to getting amidst my sweaters, it's just that her fur is *ambient* and really good at worming itself into the warp and weft of anything remotely fuzzy. I shudder to think what the sweaters would look like if she were actively seeking them out.

On the plus side, they're all cheap second hand ones originally bought for yarn salvage from St. Vincent de Paul, so there's no need to be too precious about the sweaters. I ended up pulling them out of my stash bag when we had the long power failure last winter and I was wearing every warm thing I could dig up because it was down to the 40s in the house. That was when I discovered how remarkably light and warm cashmere is, in addition to feeling nice. So now they're on loan from the salvage bag until they shrink or felt too much since I don't treat them properly, and when they die they'll go back to being project materials. 'Cause it's hard to justify getting too exercised about the preciousness of a $4 sweater.
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